Masaryk University (MU)

Masaryk University (MU) is the second largest and the third oldest university in the Czech Republic, established in 1919. University consists of nine faculties and provides the education to more than 35000 students of bachelor, master and doctoral programmes.

Persons from two departments of the Faculty of Economics and Administration participate in ReCIPSS projects – Department of Corporate Economy (leading role in the project) and Department of Public Economics. Research activities of the Department of Corporate Economics focus on different areas and fields of business management (customer satisfaction, competitiveness, knowledge management, reverse logistics, financial performance) and are covered in The Research Institute for Sustainable Business (RISB).

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Key Personnel

Alena Klapalová holds PhD in Business Economics and Management and currently works as associate professor at Masaryk University in Department of Corporate Economics. Her teaching focuses on Quality management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and International, Global and Cross-cultural Marketing. Her research interests are primary in innovation and knowledge Management, reverse logistics and reverse supply chain management and customer/consumer behaviour and customer relationship management. Since 1986 she has participated in different national and international research projects.

Radoslav Skapa is an associate professor in the Department of Corporate Economy at Masaryk University.

He holds lectures in Operation Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and in Marketing Research. His research is focused on reverse logistics, product returns and efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Since 2010 he is the project leader of the longitudinal research funded by the Grant Agency Czech Republic and during his academic career he participated in several national and international research projects aimed at the business competitiveness and online consumer behaviour.