Co-creating circular product-service systems for long-lasting washing machines

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How Knowledge Management is Approached in Circular Economy Academic Research

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Knowledge Sharing among Supply Chain Members: the Benefits for Circularity

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Networks and the Transition to Circular Business Models

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Consumer Knowledge and Young Consumer Purchase Behaviour towards Remanufactured products

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Limits and Merits of Transition to Circular Economy in (post-) Transitive Economies of CEE

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A practical ICT framework for transition to circular manufacturing systems

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An IT-platform prototype as enabler for service-based business models in manufacturing industry

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A choice behavior experiment with circular business models using machine learning and simulation modeling

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Pain points and challenges of cores return management among German and French automotive aftermarket companies

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Circular Building Products, a Case Study Of Soft Barriers In Design For Remanufacturing

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Capabilities Required To Tackle Barriers To Remanufacturing

Author: Nina Boorsma, David Peck, Susanne Fischer, Conny Bakker, Ruud Balkenende. View

Remanufacturing Workshops With Professionals To Overcome Barriers-Outcomes Of Two EU Projects

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A methodological approach to design products for multiple lifecyclesin the context of circular manufacturing systems

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Analysing Temporal Variability in Inventory Data for Life Cycle Assessment: Implications in the Context of Circular Economy

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Circular manufacturing systems

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