Gorenje demonstrator (white goods demonstrator)
Gorenje gospodinjski aparati d.d., one of the leading European household appliances producer, will implement an innovative circular pay-per-wash scheme for washing machines in 4 European countries. The white goods demonstrator relates to a tightly connected value chain and will demonstrate the successful implementation of circular manufacturing systems where the OEM (Gorenje) is in full control of the entire product throughout all stages (i.e. design, manufacturing, forward supply chain, customer use phase, reverse supply chain, recovery activities and re-distribution). The demonstrator will develop and implement a pay-per-wash offering for 300 washing machines, using co-creation methods. Each washing machine will be refurbished twice and serve over 3 life cycles of 5 years. The generalization of this new business model should lead to additional revenues of €150M per year.

Bosch Demonstrator (Automotive spare demonstrator)
As part of the automotive spare parts demonstrator, the Circular Economy Solutions GmbH together with Robert Bosch GmbH will streamline the reverse logistics flow for 80,000 cores, enabling aftermarket stakeholders to close the loop by using a single service provider for reverse logistics and by simplifying the existing complex trade levels. Cores will be identified and evaluated only once and then directly shipped to the final destination (remanufacturer), allowing cost savings of €5 per core i.e. potential savings of €175M per year if generalized throughout the industry. Co-creation workshops with stakeholders will ensure that the way the used cores are identified and transported is optimally aligned with the needs of all parties involved. The CoremanNet service network, well established in the European automotive aftermarket, will be the first to integrate this new services in its infrastructure.