A big milestone for the ReCiPSS project and the automotive sector in implementing Circular Manufacturing Systems!

After 1.5 years of preparation, the physical part of the automotive demonstrator within the ReCiPSS project has officially started. In March 2021 first used parts (cores) from German wholesaler Lorch arrived at the selection hub in Göttingen. The cores from all of Lorch’s suppliers will be identified, evaluated and sorted now.

In addition to that, four selected Lorch outlets have been technically equipped to support the physical core handling via CoremanNet system and ReCiPSS platform directly in their premises.

For the first time the ReCiPSS IT platform will be used to manage core return options from workshops via wholesalers to the remanufacturer in a “real-life”-environment.This will optimize the logistics routes, increase the efficiency of core section process and improve core return as well as acceptance rate.

Furthermore, within that demonstration the wholesaler will gain more transparency over its full reman assortment and can take informed decisions in core handling with regards to financial implications.